Husband Is A Rn And Wants To Join The Air Force, What Can I Expect?

Just curious about housing, schooling, and me obtaining a job. I am an LPN and do not want to quit nursing, what are the chances of me getting a job as a nurse in the local areas, and is there is any way you have a option about where you are based at first, Thanks in advance

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  1. Depends on where you go. But since you are in the medical field, you shouldn’t have any trouble. As for schooling, a lot of bases are near colleges. While he goes to school, you will stay at what they call his home base, where he enlist at. He will go to basic, then to his career school. During that time, you will be at the home base. Once he has his first duty assignement, you will be allowed to move there too. He should get a sponsor to tell you what base housing is like, rent and to buy in the area. They have family services and temp housing too. Congrats.