I am a new LPN graduate can anyone answer why it so hard to find a job?

I graduated in September and passed my boards in November and I still can not find a job. Most employers want 1 year clinical experience as an LPN which I don’t have yet. I graduated with honors and done really well in my clinical experiences as a student. I have applied to many places and still nothing, I know I can do the job. Can anyone give me an answer why it’s so hard to get a job but still yet employers complain of a nursing shortage?

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  1. At the hospital system I work for, the nursing shortage applies more to RNs than LPNs. There are tons of full time RN positions posted, but few LPN positions that I’ve noticed on the job board.

    That’s the way it seems to be in my region, anyhow. It could be different from city to city.

    You may want to expand your job search and look in other cities and/or settings. For example, if you’re only looking in hospitals right now, try searching at Skilled Nursing Facilities too. You should definitely be able to get a job somewhere…it just might not be in the exact setting and/or location you’re hoping for right now.

    Have you tried applying at your clinical location? Or using your school’s career placement service? (I assume you’ve already tried that, but thought I’d mention it just in case.)

  2. gettingby says:

    My sister-in-law graduated as an LPN and found a job immediately. She applied at a local nursing home and is still there 6 years later. I think you should check them out-hopefully, there are some in your area. I know the hospitals around here will not hire without experience, but it seems like the nursing homes and assisted living centers will give you a chance. You should also check into clinics and any other medical offices near you. You probably should just send your resume everywhere. Just make sure it is perfect, because these days it has to be. If you can get references from your professors and/or whoever supervised your clinicals, that would be an added bonus. You want to play up your clinical experience, even if it is not a full year.


  3. Have you tried nursing homes and assisted living centers?

    Good luck.

  4. LPN’s normally do nursing homes………get going on you RN

  5. I am just getting started in my nursing studies. I was considering being a LPN but after talking to a few that have been taking care of my oldest son (at home) they are having problems getting a job. They are running in to everyone wanting RN’s and they say that they have enough LPN’s. In the type of work that I want to do when I graduate (home health), either is being hired. I know at one time they wouldn’t hire anyone to take care of him that didn’t have at least 6 months experience. When I graduate I will have at LEAST 14 years of personal experience of taking care of my child so I am hoping that will help me find a job. I have already talked to a home health agency and they told me they would hire me and consider me a level 4 nurse (not sure how high the levels go) but one nurse that is here is a level 4 and she is going to make something like $25 an hour… $7 more an hour than the other agency that she was working for. As an LPN, go to a nursing home and get experience and then you may be able to go more where you really want to be… .also consider RN school would be what I would suggest :-)