I am about to start my BSN in Nursing and was wondering if i can work as a nurse at any time during my 4 year ?

Its a 4 year course but i would love to be able to work while doing it aswell in the nursing field. I dontknow if this is possible…after a year at year am i then a qualified LPN or anything while still continuing my studies???

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  1. Raleighna says:

    That’s a good question. I’m anxious to know what the answer is.

  2. blueiron511 says:

    Until you graduate with your BSN and take and pass your State Boards, you cannot work as a nurse. However, you can take coursework to be a nurses aide, or you could take courses to become an LPN (again you need specific course and you will need to be licensed). Lots of “scope of practice” issues in health care that are regulated by State Boards of Licensure (it varies from U.S. state to state-this could be different in other countries).

  3. I was in a Associate Degree program 20 years ago and after my first year I took the LPN exam and worked that way. I believe it is up to your individual state.

  4. MHnurseC says:

    Can you work? Sure. Are you qualified to work for money as a nurse simply because you are enrolled in a nursing program? No.

    There are several other types of nonprofessional work that you can do in a hospital or other healthcare facility. I will tell you that carrying a full load of classes AND working is going to be difficult, but it can be done.

  5. No, you won’t be qualified to work as a LPN while going to school for your RN- you might assume, but to work as a LPN you still have to finish nursing school and take the NCLEX for LPN. So, no you can’t work as an actual nurse in any capacity while going to school for your RN, you don’t meet any licensing requirements.

    You might try externship programs for nursing students at hospitals – some do hire RN nursing students for these positions – gives you alot of experience. You aren’t working as a nurse, but as a nursing student – at times your duties will be a bit different from a regular nursing assistant, and they may give you opportunities in alot of different areas. Nice to do if you can find it.

    You can work as a nursing assistant in a nursing home after you finish the first year of clinicals – or a home health aide. I know many students who did this type of work during nursing school – gives you alot of experienced and the RN students are terrific to use in this capacity.