I am an American LPN wanting to work as a travel nurse in Australia .?

I want to learn about the needed immigration requirements
I would love to hear about EN

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  1. dustin p says:

    to work as a nurse here in oz you need to be registered ok ! http://www.sydneynurses.com.au you might find the australian web site link here , you can apply to be a nurses assisitant , lots of nursing homes use these kinda staff, at the moment most part time nursing staff have not ben able to get much work , there is a recession here 2 , you need to understand the different rules here regarding nurses , try and find an over seas job recruitment agency , I think one is called ” International Job Agency , good luck , nurses here get about 25-30 ausd permanent , and maybe a bit more casual , but get limited bonuses ( I think ) also you need to get a visa , if you show your qualifications at Australian embassy it might take amonth to get a 2 year visa , I think its one of the migration skills thats not effected by the down turn

  2. Henry J. says:

    Obviously Dustin P doesnt know about Enrolled Nurses which is what you are equivalent to! You can come and work here as an EN quite easily just get your immigration stuff, oh by the way an EN doesnt earn much less than an RN!!