I Graduated In 96 From Nursing School Lpn Recently Was Laid Off Finance Position I Held For 10 + Any Ideas?

You have job security as an LPN, you do not have job security in any finance position.
Your job is meeting people and you are on your feet and walking most of your shift. You get lots of exercise and human interface on a constant basis. There is greater demand then ever in the nursing field and the projections for the future ensures you will not be without a job.
Finance is not interesting to many people and the computer is constantly being updated to replace live people. There is very little personal satisfaction in crunching numbers and dealing with only staff personnel.
Remind yourself of the reason you left the finance position in the first place to be an LPN.

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  1. Go back to school and refresh your nursing skills, take the NCLEX, and look for a job in nursing. Your skills are currently too old to get you hired.

  2. you are a liestin practice nursing