I have 2 options and need help choosing!?

I am going to be going to school for Nursing a seminole CC in Florida. However, we are currently living in MN where my boyfriend is going to school for non-destructive testing. So we will be back in FL (where we are from) in about a year. I will apply to the nursing program prior to moving back. Ok…here is my dilemma we are getting married in 2011 and I was thnking about just starting out with the LPN program which is a year long that way I can be working and saving money for the wedding and I can transition into the RN program which will take another year. OR I could just do the 2 year RN program. From experience with the LPN to RN transition would anyone recommend it? Please help

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  1. Speaking from experience, my daughter started her training in NJ where we lived and in her third year married a fellow living in Michigan, she transferred to a school in Grand Rapids where she finished her training, She had to make up one class that she did not have, Graduated with her class in 1972 but didn’t receive her diploma until October of 1972 when she finished her class. She went on to take training to work in the Neo-Natal care unit. So you can check into transferring to another school so you can start your training early and not loose time. It is better to go for a degree, the pay is much higher. It is better to take your training at a “Teaching Hospital” rather than a CC