I Just Passed The Nclex For Lpn And I Am Waiting On My License. Is There Anyone Who Will Hire Me Right Now?

I passed the Nclex for my lpn and I had to resend my fingerprint card back .Does anyone know if any hospitals or facilities that will hire new grads that are waiting on licensure.

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  1. Usually yes, you will have no problem getting hired and starting work. Some states offer temporary licenses until the permanent one is processed. But definitely, you can start applying for jobs immediately.

  2. Many LPNs who have graduated from their training programs, but who haven’t yet received their licenses, go to work immediately after graduation. Employers may hire you as a GPN (or graduate practical nurse), at one pay rate, and will raise you to LPN wages when you receive your license. You may be limited in the procedures that you may perform until you have your license, but you will be working and gaining experience while you await your license. Congratulations on completing your program, and welcome to the field of nursing!