I Live In Maine, I Wish To Start A Course In Lpn Where Would I Go To Be A Lpn Nurse?

meaning how do I start it. I have looked into all the medical hospitals down in my area and they have all the regular register nursing and the CNA, but with the CNA I would feel odd giving somone a bath and a enema. I just dont seeing myself being able to stomach them, but who knows till you try. I guess what I am asking is can someone help me figure out how to start this?

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  1. Prairie Girl says:

    No one but you can make the decision about what career you want. A CNA gets the “dirty work” and low pay. A LPN has more responsibility but gets better pay. An RN has the most responsibility, the most respect and by far the most pay.
    It depends on how long you are willing to go to school, what duties you want to be responsible for and how much money you want to earn. I’m in the Dallas area and several of the 2 year community colleges have an LPN program. They probably do in your area too.

  2. I believe that even as a lpn, one may need to give a patient a bath, empty bed pans or give an enema :) For general info: http://www.bls.gov/oco and search ‘licensed practical nurses’ or such. There should be other resources listed at the end of the entry.
    Perhaps volunteering at the local hospital or nursing home can help one decide. One won’t get hands-on experience as a volunteer, however, perhaps being in that environment can help. The cna course would be a lot less expensive if not sure if feel comfortable in nursing. There’s unfortunately no room for error when lifting and moving patients and such.
    If still interested in lpn (or cna), please bypass those private $$ schools and instead look at the county vo-tech school or less usually the county community college (if even, non-credit course).
    Please steer clear of online, for-profit schools such as penn foster, stratford career, university of phoenix, strayer: http://www.utexas.edu/world/univ