i need help with my nursing career?

okay i want to be an RN
and i wanted to know which one i should take in college

*associates degree in nursing
*LPN/ADN option
*pratical nursing

i want to become and RN and then later on a midwife which one do i sign up for. please help me

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  1. If your long-term goal is to become a nurse mid-wife you will need to obtain a Registered Nursing degree at some time.

    I do not adivse students who are planning on becoming RNs to get an LPN license. The main reason is that the focus is different. All RNs that I have known that were LPNs before-hand were horrible RNs.

    The difference is the focus of the education and training. LPNs are taught lists, and some reasons why they perform certain tasks. Such as: a diabetic patient need insulin and has to watch their diet. But, compare that to an RN who thinks, why does a diabetic have the condition, what physiology is going on requiring insulin administration and what effect does that have on the body?

    Also, many places are not hiring LPNs anymore, especially hospitals. So your job prospect is very limited as an LPN, usually to nursing home and long-term care institutions. But that is as far as you will probably get with an LPN license.

    Getting a two-year RN degree isn’t that much more and the opportunities it can provide to you are almost endless.

    I counsel most of my students asking the same type of questions with the whole quantity over quality argument. Yes, you can get a job faster, but what are you sacrificing? Getting to the light at the end of the tunnel is what is important, not how fast you get there. Its better to arrive in one piece, rather than scattered into a million.