i want to join the military(army or maybe the air force) but i am so confused?

I am getting ready to be a junior in high school and im also taking classes to get LPN and CNA certified . i am super excited to get out of high school and having a future that i decide to have. i had my future all planned out then
my older brother just graduated from basic military training for the air force and i am super excited for him. and i was and am thinking about enlisting after high school. i am thinking about joining the army but i cant decide and my older brother said that i should!
so i have been thinking about it seriously but i am scared to death about going through basic military training….i either want to enlist in the army…but i want to be a nurse really bad! but NO supports me!!!!
my parents and they told me that i couldn’t make it through a day in basic military training!!!
I am scared to death with no support except for my older brother!
i do not just want to join because of the money. i want to join to help others by helping protect our county! and it would help be to be a strong individual!
and when is earliest i can talk to a recruiter???
i am the type of person who with go anywhere with whomever….i am perfectly fine with going to Iraq(if i had to)…i am just scared to death about basic military training because i have very little upper body strength!!! NO one believes i could make it through…except my older brother
and how does the army ROTC nursing work???
sorry so man questions…i am just so confused!!!

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  1. Join the Army, and if your tests scores are high enough, be a medic. Get the training of an EMT.

  2. KatieBlunty says:

    Do ROTC. Being nursing major and in ROTC is very very challenging but the military is always after good officer nurses. In the Army ROTC you go to field training after your Junior year in college during the summer so you’ll have plenty of time to get your body strength in top condition. Apply for the Army ROTC scholarship, you will get your tuition paid for, your books paid for, plus a month stipend so you don’t have to work at anything but your grades

  3. you can join the army to be a medic. As far as basic training goes, if you have heart and you do what you’re told, you’ll do just fine. It’s not as intense as you’re probably making yourself think it is. As far as upper body strength, start working on it now. Do pushups everyday. You don’t have to get crazy with it from the start, just do as many as you can. If you have to start on your knees, go ahead and then work from there. Before I joined, I started on my knees, by the time I went to basic I think I was up to being able to do 10 regular push ups without stopping. Now I’m at like 58. Just make sure that when you do them, you use good form so that you’re working out the right muscles. If you slack on the form, you’re only cheating yourself. You don’t need to be able to do that many push ups when you join, they’ll make sure by the time you leave basic though that you’ll be good to go, trust me. If you suck at them when you get there, they may yell at you a lot about it, but it’s all just a head game, they’re only doing it to make you stronger, and by the time you graduate, you will be stronger and you’ll prove to all the non believers that you can do whatever you put your mind to.