I Was Booted From Nursing School.?

I was booted from nursing school in the state of missouri LPN school with five weeks left because of a bad grade and I was wondering if anyone knows if you can still take your state boards without graduating an acredited school because I have heard you can.

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  1. Probably not. Why dont you take some classes to boost your grades up and then try to reapply to get back in.

  2. no u can’t take the boards without having completely taken the whole program. to be sure go to missouri board of nursing, u can get the information there..

  3. You need to contact your BON and ask them. Most states allow you to challeng and take the test but I have never heard of anyone doing this who didnt graduate. Mostly I have heard of RN students not making to the last quater and challenging to take the LPN exam. I would be doubtful you would be able to but it wouldnt hurt to ask.

  4. I sure hope not lol. Not to be super mean, but if you have bad grades and didnt’ finish the program, why should I trust you with my health? I want someone qualified and who knows the things that you’re supposed to. Would you want a doctor performing surgery on you when she got 60s in med school? You could kill someone! You’re supposed to go to school for a reason. If you really want to be a nurse, try the courses again. If not, find another career path.