If A Person Is Charged With A Felony Do They Immediately Lose There Lpn License?

I have a friend that goes to court on the 19th and at that time she will be a convicted felon. However she is a licensed LPN in Illinois and works fulltime. Does she need to quit her job prior to the 19th, or will her license still be active until it gets reviewed by the board of nursing? Her felony charge has to do with something money related that happened before she obtained her LPN license.

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  1. it depends on the state and the crime, if it is for drugs, forget it. stealing money, they may let you slide, but as soon as a patient says something is missing, guess who they are going to question? better move to a friendly state and go into private practice taking care of some old person in their home. usually no back ground check.

  2. Hi There!It all depends on the City,State,and How bad the crime was.Now,The Board Of Nursing/BON will probally Find out some how,therefore,she wont have to quit her job prior to the 19th,If she wants to hear it from the Board of Nursing.Having read the fact that her Felony charge has to do with something Related to money,Is it possible that she may have Lied on her resume when she applied??If so,The Board of Nursing may have been suspicious of her,and Checked Her out.But she might as well quit her job,just to save her the embarrassment.

  3. I personally would not like to have a convicted Felon as my nurse.
    She will have problems finding employment in nursing. Hospitals already have to pay a high liability insurance, hiring a convicted Felon would not be an option. She will very likely loose her license.