in need of CNA information.. like were can you get training?

I am from southern Illinois and was wanting to know where they offer free cna training? I heard they have them at like nursing homes and what not. also wanting some personal advice from cna’s or lpn’s as to if they like their job and what the pay rate is?

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  1. She Hulk Smash says:

    Hi. I’m in Wisconsin. I got my certification through a county hospital. I was expected to stay there after certification but it was quite far from home and I didn’t want to travel that much. Also it was a county run facility that worked mostly with the elderly and had pretty much bottom of the barrel health care. Very, very sad.
    The pay is nothing to brag about. The more experience you get and the better the facility the more pay you will get. I started at about $10.00 per hour.
    The work is very hard on your back.
    This was just my experience as a CNA though. There are all sorts of doors open to you once you are certified.
    You can work in a hospital, ICU, maternity ward…
    I branched off to start my own business, going into peoples homes to care for them. “Home health care”.
    After awhile I switched to child care. Parents eyes light up when they find out someone with ‘credentials’ is available to care for their children.
    All in all it’s a great feeling to be able to help others in such a hands on way. Very rewarding.
    Hope this helps a bit.