In what part of the U.S. where nursing jobs are plentiful?

I’m an LPN currently working in Florida. I would like to leave florida. I’m looking for a good state to live in? I would like some suggestions. I’m an American nurse. I would like to hear from the Canadian nurses as well.

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  1. Julia Anna says:

    I think first you have to decide with place, not with work. Because there are plenty of jobs for nurses around all the states. Work will not take all your time and if you don’t like the place you live in – it’s hard to live. So when you choose the place – visit There you’ll see many opportunities for jobs. There is advantage – your salary will not be cut off every month.

  2. There sure seems to be a lot of need for qualified nurses in the Kansas City/Saint Joseph, MO area. The want ads seem to always have them in there.

  3. you could expand your oppurtunities even further by becoming an RN. there’s been some talk lately about LVN/LPNs being laid off while retaining RNs.
    you should try these states: CA, TX, HI, MO, NV, WA, OR. most of the western states are in need of nurses, especially california. the standard of living in CA is better and expensive but nurses get paid lots on average of 40-53$/hour for RNs and for LVN/LPNs about 20-35$/hour in CA.