Information About An Lpn Degree?

Hi I was just curious about what an LPN does? How long does the school take? Can you do online and in class work? What do LPN’s make can they make a living? I’m a NAVY wife living in Oklahoma City near Tinker AFB with my hubby. I am 21 and really want to get some type of career path started for myself, I need an education! I really want to be an RN but I need something quicker like LPN. Can someone tell me who knows of the job or has experience what I can do, I work 40 hours a week off on Sundays, Mondays and most of Tuesday. I normally work 10:45pm-7:30am So I sleep most of the day and I can bring my laptop to work.So could I get some advice and be informed about the job of an LPN? Thanks a lot!!

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  1. I am an ex-LPN and I am an RN right now!
    As an LPN, you are under an RN in an acute care setting…although LPN’s do most of the things an RN does. Depending on the location, in New York, an LPN in a long term care settings makes about $22 to $25/hr + benefits. If you work for an agency, 5 days/week, you make about $45k to 50k/year. I used to work all 7 days and I brought home nearly $70k/week.
    An LPN program lasts about 10 to 12 months long. I have heard 15 months. The program I went to lasted 10 months. Most likely than not, it will be in a class room + clinical experience in both acute care and long term care settings.
    Once you became an LPN, you can look for the colleges that takes the LPN’s and just one more year full time college, you will finish your RN Program. Helene Fuld College of Nursing is such a nursing school dedicated to working LPN’s and it is located in NYC.
    Good luck!