Is an LPN licensure a good start to a nursing career?

I am a prospective nursing student and I was wondering if an LPN was a good start? And then I would advance to an RN position and go on to complete my BSN. I am interested in getting my degree this way so I can get experience/working sooner. I live in MA and I understand there is a salary difference but at least I would be working all the while. Please share any opinions/advice. Thank you!

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  1. Jimmy lee B. says:

    Yes, a LPN will help get your foot in the door, and you can earn a living as you finish your education. I think this is the best field to be in for along, long time. and you are helping others and making good money at the same time. Good luck

  2. I'd rather not say says:

    I would recommend you go straight into a BSN program. There are way too many LPN’s and Associate Degree RN’s that always planned to back and advance, but “life” got in the way.

  3. mtwaites says:

    Yes an LPN would be a good way to start your nursing career. With this course, you’re able to bridge into becoming an RN, and get practical experience before you go into the RN program. There are more duties that you’re able to assist the RN now with that you couldn’t before.

  4. I think LPN is a great place to start your nursing career. First it takes about 1 year and so you can get off to work sooner. LPN does not have to lift heavy patients like CNA yet not taking all the responsibilities like RN. Once you become LPN you can see and feel if nursing is a career of choice for you. If so, you can advance to RN by taking associate degrees to become RN in 2 years. You can take classes completely online. After RN is the BSN to sky-rocket your nursing career. I would definitely start as LPN.