Is it a big mistake to go for dental hygienist program in Florida? or nursing is better?

I have dental background out of U.S.A ,and I already was trying to get into LPN program ..then RN.In the meantime I already applied in dental hygienist program…Now I am accepted for dental hygienist program but I have already heard from3 hygienists that the area is saturated and it is less likely to find a job which would have no benefits …so would you still focus on the nursing program or you would accept the spot in dental? I know that I can pass and get the acceptance of nursing if I remain focused studying the entrance tests.Thanks in advance.

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  1. While I can’t answer your question specifically–have you looked (on the internet) to see if there are more help wanted ads for nurses v.s. dental hygienists in your area? That should be a good clue to see which one would likely be (at least) getting a call for an interview.

  2. jmlee4777 says:

    Also, you have to keep in mind the job detail. I am also in the dental field, I went to school to be an assistant, moved to front office and now 12 years later, I manage a clinic. I was in the same predicament and also started the process to get into the hygiene program. After much thought in it, I have decided to go with my RN. So many hygienists I know after 5 or so years are burned out of doing the same EXACT thing over and over again all day, every day. Also, where do you go after that? To being a dentist, doing the exact same thing? To me, this was just seeming to be a black hole in the making. Level of excitement…bleak.

    With nursing, I feel there are so many paths you can take to find where you are happiest and most beneficial. They are all in the same “field” so you don’t have to start completely over to follow your heart. Everything, everyday is not mundane. There is always a chance for excitement and something new to come in that door. As a hygienist, I can’t get excited about 4 quads of SCRP! Know what I mean? Whooo Hoooo… a whitening treatment!!! Really? It’s good for some people, just not up my alley for a long amount of time.

    However, if you are still on the fence, I suggest taking a look and seeing if you have a Columbia College in your area. If so, take a look at their RN courses. They have a highly accredited, accelerated, fast track nursing program. If I remember correctly, you can get your degree in about 2 years instead of 4+ and it is a GREAT college. It has kept my fiance in school for almost 3 years now. The same man who dropped out in 9th grade, thought he knew everything and wanted nothing to do with school. Now, he attends classes 8 hours a week, equaling 2 classes a semester. He is already almost done with his Bachelors and will be moving on to his Masters in a few months. These courses remove all the extra filler material that is taught in a traditional college, teaching only what you need to know and focusing on what is important instead of learning a little bit of everything.

    Good luck making your decision.