Is It Doable To Move To Hawaii As A Lpn With A Special Needs Child And Be A Single Parent?

I am a single 29 year old mother of an high functioning autistic child. I have been trying to compile a list of places that I would like to move and Hawaii was top on my list but I am willing to consider some other tropical areas I need a beach , hot weather year round, a relaxed environment for my child. But education is seeming to be a challenge because of the autism. I will be graduating as a Licensed Practical Nurse soon and was wondering about what areas there in Hawaii would possibly be a good fit for my son and I or should I just give it up and look somewhere else? Also if Hawaii has somewhere that may work for us what web addresses I could read up on. Also I was wondering about the culture differences there and how the locals feel about African American culture. I am a very open-minded person but I am also thinking of my child who has never experienced any form of racism so.. Is this an issue there? ANd my credit isn’t that good so what kind of living arrangement might I find?

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  1. compaq presario says:

    Without a good support system, regardless of the specifics of your situation, you will be challenged. Childcare is expensive, and rent is exorbitant. You might be putting yourself in stressful situation. I know of parents with special needs children who’ve literally moved to the continental US to seek better care for their children. LPN’s aren’t compensated very well either. If I were in your situation, I would research and prioritize WHICH state provides the best services for youth with autism. I think that Minnesota and parts of the Northeast have very progressive health care programs.
    You should read this recent story:
    Posted on: Friday, January 12, 2007
    Isles falling behind as pay gap grows wider
    Hawai’i workers earned $4,100 less per year than the average U.S. employee and the pay gap is getting worse, according to a new study.
    The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics said yesterday employees in Hawai’i earned an average of $704 a week, or $36,608 a year.
    That was was well below the national average of $784 a week, or $40,768 a year, and placed Hawai’i 26th out of 50 states and the District of Columbia.
    “We have a reputation here for being underpaid, and we feel that in all areas from entry-level jobs all the way up to professionals like doctors,” said Leroy Laney, professor of economics and finance at Hawai’i Pacific University.
    The pay gap is disconcerting given that Hawai’i residents pay the nation’s highest rent, highest gasoline prices, highest electricity rates, and home prices are far above the national averag

  2. If you have no prior connection to Hawaii, my initial reaction is to suggest you look elsewhere. While I have no doubt Hawaii can use LPNs, I am not sure the economics versus your time with your child will work out. I am not sure there is a cost of living vs pay vs child’s needs ratio that will work. Plus the school system over here is not the greatest to start with.
    If you had a prior connection to Hawaii, I might say otherwise.
    As to websites I can not direct you cause I have never done that type of research (I am here already). However, there are books / articles on “thinking of moving to Hawaii?”. I know they are out there but having not needing the research I can not direct you other than to Google or
    I am being negative but a move here is a huge undertaking. If you get “homesick” or need to see family, you can not just hop in the car and drive to grandmas.
    Keep investigating. Hopefully I am wrong

  3. Muga Wa Kabbz says:

    Cost of living is very high in Hawaii and an LPN’s pay packet may not be able to sustain both of you esp. because you have a special needs child.

  4. or
    All of the websites listed above I got from “So You Want to Live in Hawaii” by Toni Polancy. It is very comprehensive and can probably answer any question you have about moving to and living in Hawaii.

  5. I have never been, but people that I know who have gone there to live or to vacation say its verry expenseve, the natives there are kinda dark them selves, I have never heard of anything. if I find any websites or run across any other info,ill seek you out k -Su.