Is it hard to get a LPN (licensed practical nurse) job right now?

I don’t care where I work…I know the hospitals are getting rid of LPN’s but are there still lots of job in nursing homes in this economy still??

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  1. No it is not hard.The nursing homes are always looking for LPNs and tend to pay more.

  2. one or two year degree depending on your state
    you can do the whole thing at a community college

    with the aging population, the demand for health care
    workers will be secure for the next 25 years, add to that
    the changes in the our health care system further adds to
    job security.

    finally, hospitals will pay for you to continue your education,
    locals ones pay 100% OF YOUR TUITION for A grades
    90% for B’s and 75% for C’s…….D’s and F’s get zero