Is it legal ….. question about nursing position from cna to lpn?

My friend has been working with a nursing home for 5 yrs as a CNA. she now completed her lpn and recive her lpn license. BUt her workplace refuse to employ her in a lpn position and has her still working as a CNA for a month now. She has applied for other places for lpn position but no call yet.

Is it legal for her workplace to have her working in a Cna position still…. refusing to let her work in lpn capacity

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  1. Yes it’s legal, they are under no obligation to put her in an LPN position, not unless they paid for her schooling and she signed a contract to work for them exclusively for a specified length AS an LPN once she received her LPN license.
    Otherwise, she should keep looking for an available LPN position and keep working as a CNA to make her living while looking around.