Is it possible to go to Nursing school Full Time and have a job?

I went to a seminar to start nursing school to get my LPN. The course is a year long and it is Full time. They advised us not to have a job since we would be overwhelmed.

I have a child and I would need to put him in daycare plus need a job to pay my bills

How are people able to survive and go to school?

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  1. philly_romantic says:

    It can be done; you may be a little worn out, but it’s possible. I went to school full time in the evening and worked full time during the day and part time on the weekend. It took me an extra year, but I finished with pretty good grades. Once you get your LPN, you will get the urge to get become an RN. Good luck, take your time, and don’t get too stressed out!

  2. cosmic_quest says:

    I’ve just finished my nursing course and yes, it is possible if you intend to work part-time. You will feel tired when you’re on placement in the wards though but many nursing students perservre with both college and jobs.

    What you do need to let your employers know is that your nursing comes first. You should be prepared to use your holidays or take unpaid leave if you have a shift on the wards or have a hefty essay to do.

    I don’t know where you live. In the UK, all nursing students get a bursary to subsidise their studies while some students are entitled to further hardship grants. Even if you’re not British, you might be entitled to something considering you’re not well off and have a dependent child. I’d make enquiries to the financial department of your nursing school to find out.