Is It Possible/legal To Work 2 Jobs As An Lpn Seperate Corporations?

I start school soon to be a LPN…. I know that nursing shift generally come in 3 12 hour shifts well I want to know if it is legal to work 3 12 hour shifts at one job say mon-wed and then thu-sat work at a different hospital/doctor’s office I know it’s probably a stupid question but just making sure I won’t be interfering with the IRS in a bad way they get nasty

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  1. Yes, it is possible ro work 2 jobs as an LPN Seperate Corporations

  2. If you can handle two full time jobs, and as long as one doesn’t interfere (schedule wise) with the other, go for it. IRS doesn’t mind, the more you make the more they take. I used to work 2 jobs at 2 neighboring hotels in my younger days, 6am-2am, 3pm-11pm, Mon-Fri, nobody minded until my body did. IRS loved me!

  3. Is it legal, for the most part yes. The “but” comes from whatever conditions your employer(s) make you agree to. It would certainly be a good question to ask at an interview as you could be fired or even sued if your employer has a contractual clause forbidding you from working with another employer in the same field. Basically, it’s not criminally illegal so you won’t go to jail, but there could be other consequences.
    Another thing to consider is whether or not the position includes “on-call” hours. This is important as it’s very common in the medical field for employees to work 24 hours a week and need to be on-call the rest of the week If an employer does this than you won’t be able to take a second job in any field simply from the standpoint that you’ll need to be 100% available should the “on-call” employer need you.