Is North Dakota A Good Place For A Family With Young Children?

My husband and I are thinking of relocating to North Dakota? Does anyone know if it is as safe as some say. We are currently living in San Antonio, TX and the crime is getting worse. We have a son and a child on the way.

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  1. While North Dakota is nice for having no crime and for the friendliness of the people there, you should remember that ND is one of the most rural states in the US.
    Outside of Fargo or Grand Forks, there is really not that much to do culturally. Fargo is the largest city, but it only has about 80,000 people. It cannot compare to San Antonio in terms of things to do. Also, there are not that many jobs there. You should definitely make sure you have a job before going there. So if you’re cool with that and you don’t mind bitterly cold winters, ND can be a great place. It is unpolluted, friendly, and cheap.

  2. north dakota is a great place to live, the cities there have such a sense of community that you don’t get most other places, its cheaper to live, the only draw back is that it can get boring if you are a city person. its a great place to raise kids, you are more able to get to know their friends and their family, the class sizes are smaller

  3. You know, my husband and I have been thinking about that very same thing!!!! His dad is originally from ND and wants to move back! We’ll probably move away from the San Antonio area after my grandparents pass away. I just couldn’t bear being that far away from them.
    Have you been to ND? I’ve only been once, but it was soooo nice! Sure, they have their share of drunks and such, but it was nothing like it is around here.
    The only thing that is a major consideration is the extreme difference in climate you’ll be facing. I actually would love to live in a place that has 4 seasons! Not like in SA, where it is just super hot or not so hot…lol.

  4. North Dakota is a good state, but winters can be harsh up there. Also, good luck findin’ a job out there. You’ll probably find one but overall North Dakota is a great place to raise children. It can get boring if you are used to city life. As for the safe part, most of it is safe because of the small population. Good Luck!!

  5. We live in a small town, have been back here for three years after 30 years in Florida.
    We leave our doors unlocked, stuff in the car, I feel comfortable doing my walking paper route in the dark by myself (I’m a woman), I know my neighbors and they know me.
    There are problems here like anywhere else — drugs and alcohol, idiots and jerks. But little things make the news (and make the rounds through town), and peer pressure tends to keep people in line for the most part. Even teenage vandalism gets spot-lighted in the paper and petty crimes are usually solved.
    We like the fact that “40 Below Keeps the Riff Raff Out”.