Is nursing right for me?

I am currently unhappy with being a business major and want a field where I can be more “human.” That is, I want to use my good-natured personality rather than mask it to succeed in business. In addition, the number of job openings, pay rate and flexibility make a career as a nurse very desirable.

My main concern is this: how repulsive is the job? I have never worked in a hospital and have never been hired into a position where I have to clean up…messes.

Would being a CNA give me a realistic view of most nursing jobs? That is, would being a CNA give me an idea of whether or not I could stomach being an LPN or RN?

Does being male lower my chances of getting a nursing job?

I lack leadership skills, which is why I am considering changing my major. Do RNs typically have to lead others?

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  1. My cousin is a male nurse. The good news is that they are in demand, and the other nurses appreciate having someone around that can help with some tasks that require extra muscle. The bad news is that sometimes that means giving morbidly obese patients sponge baths and the like.

    If you like to really engage with people, you would make a great nurse. Go for it!

  2. No your sex does not matter within the nursing field, You do NOT have to be female or male. It is starting to balance out now. Also, if you’re not used to being around “messes” then I would suggest that you may want to start by volunteering the field first to see if it is something that you would like. Being a CNA is very much like RN with messes etc. to clean up. Also, RN’s depending on their positions sometimes do have to lead other nurses.

  3. The only way you’re going to find out whether you personally like it or not is if you get yourself some work experience. We can all tell you the pros and cons, but you’ll never really know if it’s for you until you get in there. Plus, your college is going to want to see evidence of experience anyway, so you might as well do it now.