Is schooling for practical (LPN) nursing hard?

Are the classes challenging? I looked it up at a community college and its about 1 year schooling to get your certificate.
I already have my bachelors degree in heath education but am thinking about going back to become an LPN since its shorter school than an RN.

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  1. no — you will find the course a piece of cake compare to your college courses!!!

  2. I think you’re selling yourself short. If you’re interested in nursing you should look into “accelerated BSN” or “post-baccalaureate BSN” programs, where you could earn your BSN (RN) in about 24 months.

    A year longer and you earn another bachelor’s degree instead of a measley certificate, and opening up endless career opportunities? I’d say it would be well worth the little bit of extra time and effort. You already have a degree – you’re capable of it, for sure.

    Good luck!