Is there any online college for getting your RN degree, without being a LPN, that is accredited and has a good?

rep. My wife has the general studies done, she wants to get her RN without doing the LPN program. Is there a college that is 100% online besides the clinical part that offers this?

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  1. bookkeepchick says:

    There are probably a few. Look for a book like this one at your local library to help you select a suitable college she could travel to for the clinicals:

  2. Diane A says:

    No online beginning nurse RN programs (only ones that require you to be a nurse of some sort). If you even find one, you would be pretty much un-hirable once your employer found out you did all your entry work on line. There is a reason most health care jobs do not pan out on line–you need the clinical interaction with students & patients to get it. You could do some of the rpre-res on line, but anatomy would be hands on. The core nursing programs often integrates patient care with lecture–no way to do that on line.

  3. As I know, this site has top listing of such college courses online –