Is this true about LPN’s?

Ok well i am currently going to college for a MA (Medical Assistant) and i heard that they where going to do away with LPNs and hire all MAs. I was just woundering if this was true because i am wanting to go further into the nursing field and I was haoping to go for LPN later on and then take some online classes to get my RN degree. But before i can take online classes i have to be certified in LPN first. So is this true? And if so, what do I do??
Thanks alot everyone!


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  1. Robert E. Lee says:

    Contact your school’s guidance counselor.

  2. TIMOTHY W says:

    Yes it is true. My wife is an LPN and she is worried on what she’s going to do.

  3. From what I heard this may be possible, but from what I know, I don’t think that it has happened yet.

  4. You can never make blanket statements like this in the medical field. I doubt MAs will replace all LPNs & certainly not in the hospital (where they may be replaced by CNAs, RNs etc) because MAs don’t learn nursing skills, and MAs are unlicensed while LPNs are licensed caregivers–that has tremendous legal implications. While you may have trouble getting a MA job; you can certainly go back to school for your LPN or for a 2 year associate RN.

  5. Oh no, they will not do away with LPNs in favor of MAs. They are different scopes of practice, different set of skills. Your MA program is like every other MA program out there, blowing smoke, making their career sound so promising when in fact these for-profit schools are cranking out graduates like it’s an assembly line and many job markets around the country are completely saturated with MAs and new grads find themselves without jobs and end up going back to school for something else.

    IMO, I would recommend gettting into an LPN program ASAP. Your MA program isn’t going to be any benefit to you in the long run if your ultimate goal is to be an RN. The courses for MA programs do not easily transfer (if at all) into any nursing programs.

    If you get your LPN and want to bridge to RN, you might be able to do a few courses online but you will still need to be on-campus for most theory courses, skills labs, and of course clinicals will be off site at various medical facilities. If you earn your ADN RN, and later want to complete your BSN, that would be possible to complete 100% online.

    Good luck.

  6. lol every school says this to their students.for example when i was in the LPN program i was being told:LPN’s are going to take over RN’s there is nothing an RN can do that the LPN hasn’t been trained for.The IV push is questionable in all states.In mine an LPN cannot administer drugs via IV.So that’s 1 thing my school lied about.When i was in the RN program i was being told: All LPN are being weeded out and its just going to be RN’s and PC’s.Medical assistant…the only thing that would benefit you is that you’ll know how to do a blood draw …the class is not a prereq for any nursing program in any state at the moment.:(