Ispf Questions ?

I know what careers for an ISPF are good for them but which one makes the most money??
1) Aerobics instructor 2) Child welfare counselor 3) Costume, wardrobe specialist 4) Entertainment agent 5) Fire investigator 6) Helicopter pilot 7) Landscape architect 8) Musician 9) Occupational therapist 10) Podiatrist 11) Respiratory therapist 12) Sketch artist 13) Teacher, elementary school 14) Travel Agent
Sales/Service: Elementary Teacher, Teacher’s Aide, Crisis Hotline Operator, Travel Sales, Bookkeeper, Veterinarian Assistant, Customer Service, Cleaning Service, Merchandise Planner, Home Health Sales, Social Worker, Waiter/Waitress
Trades/Technology/Science: Surveyor, Botanist, Marine Biologist, Geologist, Forester, Mechanic, Landscape Design, Interior Design, Fashion Designer, Jeweler, Painter, Chef, Carpenter,
Business: Legal Secretary, Administrative Assistant, Clerical Supervisor, Computer Operator, Word Processor, Paralegal
Health Care: Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist, Radiologic Technologist, Dental Hygienist, LPN, Occupational Therapist, Art Therapist, Lifeguard, Home Health Aide, Medical Assistant, Optician, Pharmacy Technician, Respiratory Therapist, RN, Recreational Attendant
which one??

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  1. I think, instead of focusing on the money, you should focus on what you feel more drawn to. Which ones are you more interested in? Which ones fit your particular strengths? You’ll need a job that fits you, because when you go through tough times on the job, the money won’t be enough.
    You may also want to consider how secure the job will be. Some of these you will always be able to find a job fairly easy, with few to no layoffs. You will be able to find a job in any part of the country. Others have a higher risk of losing the job due to slowdowns in the economy, etc, or you may not be able to find a job wherever you go.
    Some of them require college degrees. Are you able to afford college? Are you interested in attending college? Are your grades high enough for you to get into college?
    I think you’ll find in the long run, it’s better to have a job that you really like that you’re good at, that may not pay so well, than a job you don’t like, that you don’t want to be at, but that pays very well. Good luck!

  2. Aerobics pays poorly. Too many people who want to teach it.
    Child counselor. $28,000 to start.
    Costume pays $90,000 but only if you get famous. Everyone else starves
    Agent. A few make millions. The rest starve.
    Fire investigator $45,000 to start.
    Helicopter pilot pays best from your list..