Joining Navy Reserves?

I am thinking about joining the Navy Reserves…n I have a few ?s
1. What does a family care plan do for my son, I’m a single parent?
2. Is a medical corpsman like an medical assistant or and LPN?
3. Do I have to have my LPN before joining the Naval Nurse Corps, or just any degree?

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  1. 1. A family care plan sets out who will care for your child while you are deployed. It includes a form for the care giver to sign agreeing to accept the responsibility. The Navy requires these to be completed by all single parents and dual military couples.
    2. Depending on training and experience a Corpsman’s duties can include anything from medical records keeping to surgery technician.
    3. Navy Nurses all have Bachelor’s degrees at a minimum and are RN’s.
    Here are some links with more info:……

  2. why dont u talk to a recruiter…