Leaving 5 year relationship, and don’t have a place for my 2 cats….?

I have 2 cats, and they have been together all their lives. They are 3 &4. They will not do good separated, this I know. I will NOT leave them with him because once when I was going to leave before he told me I need to take the cats, or he will throw them to the street, or to some shelter (where the will most likely get euthanized). I could not bare the thought of that. No one in my family can help either. My mom is allergic, my dad has cats of his own (who have claws and go outside, mine are declawed and are fat house cats)… My cousin offered to help, but the cats could be at her house for more than 2 years… I am coming back to Ohio to join the LPN program in August… it is 22 months long, and I will be working part time, so I can’t have an apartment. I would not obligate her to that! And she understood. All of my other friends have allergies too, or kids (young kids), and my cats don’t like kids. I heard someone suggest craigslist, but I don’t think you can post on craigs list for pets. I just don’t want them to eb killed at some shelter. Honestly, I wish I could find some temporary adoptive family so that when I do become an LPN, I could get them back. Appreciate any suggestions. Im in Ohio BTW.

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  1. hannah t says:

    I would give them to your cousin you will only be gone 22 months and ther is 24 months in 2 years( i wish i could help but we are distances away)

  2. Runphatgirlrun says:

    You can place them on Craigslist under the free section. Pick the city closest to you and you can write up a nice ad and have people contact your email. Best of luck to you and your kitties!

  3. BMWS GOD says:

    TWO words

    LOL J/K If not Craigslist then find an animal shelter that does not kill.
    YES you can put pets on CL.