“Legal Assistant (Similar To A Legal Secretary) VS. LVN Licensed Nurse Training ? See Below>>>”?

I am a mid forties lady. I need to take a vocational trade to ensure myself of a decent job. Even if I am in between jobs Or.. in case I happen to lose a job for whatever reason someday.. I want to be sure.. I can find one fast..because I am self supporting and rent won’t wait for months to find work.

My dilemma is this: I have once before taken a CNA course for 3 weeks which were the longest of my life. This economy does not (Anymore) allow us to pick and choose careers or jobs based on the love of it. It has come down to (survival) and being able to pay your rent Or else get evicted and live in a shelter.. bottom line. I have put in my share of cleaning jobs .. working at Mc Donalds etc. Dead end jobs that pay minimally. I need to make abou a year. Which both these two careers would ensure. I have more of an interest in Legal.. however.. I am not sure if the jobs are/will be plentiful if I were between jobs at some point in time. I may or may not find another soon after. I can’t afford to sit home for a month or two while the rent is late waiting on a job to become available or to hire me. That is my only concern about legal. In my area on line.. I have only seen a handful or less of those legal jobs. Three to be exact. Nursing.. lets face it.. not everyone doing it likes it all that much. I know.. I have a friend who is a RN. Working with sick and dying people is rewarding yes. But.. the germ aspect as well as working with body fluids is not appealing to most people or nursing. You just grin and bear it.

Legal Assitant Training.. takes 15 months days to take. I can get a part time cleaning office job at night to get me through this time period or a retail part time job in the mean time.

LPN… would require.. me to re take a 3 week CNA course and then get a license . The LPN School takes 1 year.. and the passage of an admission test.

Hope this is clear and helps.. Hopefully someone can help me decide on the right choice.. Why/Why Not.. Thank You

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  1. You may regret taking a job in a field you don’t care for. You may want to look around for a roommate to share living costs. Do what feels best for you and will make you feel better.