LPN License and alcohol abuse?

If a person is an LPN Nurse can they lose their license if they get a DUI?

Can they lose their license for alcohol abuse?

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  1. RainCloud says:

    The laws vary from state to state and therefore you should check in your state.

  2. Ashley Sue says:

    yes. though that doesn’t mean you will for sure lose your license if you get a DUI. it just depends.

    don’t drink and drive. don’t abuse alcohol and you’ll be fine.

  3. Their drivers License yes, Not their LPN License { they don’t practice Nursing in their car do they?]
    What a weird question.
    Oh yah, it’s LPN not LPN Nurse, they are not a Licensed Practical Nurse Nurse.

  4. mimi196363 says:

    as far as I know an LPN can lose their license. I am a LPN and also thought that you can. If you think about it, would you want some one who is mentally altered taking can of you or someone you love. especially in a nursing home, LPNs are the ones who are responsible for administering medications. all it would take is one time giving the wrong medication to the wrong person. scary..

  5. deltaqueen says:

    I would imagine that if they where interested in correcting the problem, such as entering rehab and doing everything that the court recommends then they would be offered 1 second chance. But they would be watched very closely on some sort of probationary period.