LPN pay = RN with associate degree pay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

LPN pay equals RN with associate degree pay. when i became a asd RN i made same as i made as a LPN wit taxes out my pacycheck! (The more you make the more taxes taken out!) As a BSN Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing my salary is kinda different from both.

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  1. Ok, so where is the question?

  2. I have my BSN and I make 33.95 an hour plus shift diff. Thats no where NEAR what an LPN here makes (in saskatchewan). They start at 23 something and top out at 25 something. Although When I started I got $25 an hour and they got $25 at the top so yes it would be similar. Now though…a large large gap.

  3. xoni_xoni says:

    I believe it all depends on where you work, and how much experience you have. It may be the same the first year at an LPN’s max (depending on which state you live in). I live in CT and this situation only holds true to RN’s in LTC, or assisted living facilities. They make a couple of dollars more than their LPN’s in LTC.

  4. I guess it depends on your area, where you worked and your years of experience.

    In my area, LPN’s are paid considerably less than RN in the hospital. And all new graduate RNs make the same.

    And I think I need to move based on what MissLiss makes LOL