LPN? RN? Some questions and concerns i have..?

Im looking into becoming an RN or LPN. I would actually really like to be an RN but for some reason i think that it would be way to hard and i wouldnt be able to pass the classes, or test. If i do become an RN i plan on only going for 2 years (associates degree). Is becoming an RN hard? what about an LPN?
Which do you think would be a better career choice?
I was also thinking about maybe going into radiology… but i don’t know which one of the 3 i should choose.
Is choosing a career in the medical field a good choice anyways?
Does anyone know anything about the salary for any of these 3 careers?
Can anyone who is involved in the medical field or any of these careers just tell me some advice on this… maybe on what to do? Or what its like to be a nurse/lpn/xray person… ? Do you regret getting into this field of work? Was it an overall good choice? What are some of the advantages/disadvantages?
Any information on any of these questions would be very helpful.

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  1. Moon Crystal says:

    First off, becoming an LPN is no easy feat. LPNs are not, by any means, stupid.

    Ultimately, becoming an RN is a better choice. However, you can become an LPN first and bridge to RN later.

    LPNs get paid about $20 an hour
    RNs get paid about $25 an hour
    As for something in radiology, it depends on what you want to do. X-ray techs make about $15 an hour.

    @rcdrury: get boinked. LPNs have to know all of the skills an RN has to know. Why don’t you try going to nursing school and you can see how “easy” it is.

  2. Moon Crystal: “First off, becoming an LPN is no easy feat.”


    OMG; someone help me up off the floor!

    I’m guessing she’s also one of those who think that CRNAs have a greater responsibility than family physicians; and that the CRNA’s average income of near six figures is chump change compared to what they “really” deserve. (I responded to a post like that just a few days ago.)

    Marie, I’m glad you’re a realist. It leads me to believe that you probably have what it takes to become an RN.