Fiance Being Sent To Air Force Base In Japan As First Duty Assignment?

My fiance, who is currently in USAF Tech School, told me tonight that his first duty station is in Japan. I planned & still do plan on becoming an LPN. This will only take about a year & a half. After that I will become an RN. I don’t know if the base he’s assigned […]

Can You Become A Lpn With Experience As A Being Medical Services In The Air Force?

If not, how hard is it to become one?? The AFSC is 4N0X1.

Husband Is A Rn And Wants To Join The Air Force, What Can I Expect?

Just curious about housing, schooling, and me obtaining a job. I am an LPN and do not want to quit nursing, what are the chances of me getting a job as a nurse in the local areas, and is there is any way you have a option about where you are based at first, Thanks […]

i am so confused about everything about the military?

I am getting ready to be a junior in high school and im also taking classes to get LPN and CNA certified . i am super excited to get out of high school and having a future that i decide to have. i had my future all planned out then my older brother just graduated […]

Ok, So A Little Bit Of Advice For A High School Senior Please?

OK, well i’m 17 and at the point in my life when I have to figure out what I want to do with my life. I’m technically a senior high school, but I’m dual-enrolling full time at the community college (been homeschooled since Kindergarten, dual-enrolled since the 10th grade). I’m working on my 2 year […]

Is the Air Force recruiting 2011?

I’m married with kids- 23yrs old, but also have a degree- nursing (LPN). want to join the AF. no legal issues, health issues ect. Odds of being accepted? Is the Air Force even recruiting still?

i am scared to death and need advice?

I am 16 years old getting ready to be in my junior year of high school. I will also be taking classes to get my CNA and LPN certified. and i was thinking what i should do in life because i want to help people in any way possible. my brother is in the air […]