Salary For An Lpn Just Out Of School ( In Alabama)?

One of my friends wants to get her LPN, and wants to know an average salary, starting out.

Does Anyone Know Any Ideas About Jobs In Alabama?

I am looking for a job to start saving up for college. Yes I know that there are scholarships out there but with the economy like it is I am totally blown about what I need to do to get college money. I know loans can be taken out but I don’t like feeling tied […]

Is There A Web Site Where I Can Find Out If Someone Is A Licensed Lpn In Alabama?

I work for a staffing agency and I have had several applications for a Job Order I have for a home nurse in alabama. One reponse said they were an LPN. How can I check to make sure she is licensed? Her resume shows she could be a prefect fit; however, she is supposed to […]

What Is The Highest Average Pay For A Lpn In Alabama And What County Is It In?

What is the highest average pay for A Licensed Practiacal Nurse in the state of Alabama?

Does East Alabama Medical Center Have Any Nursing Jobs Available Now?

i live in georgia and am interested in any nursing jobs within 30-35 miles from my home. i am an LPN. i prefer to get a job in a DR. office so I can have my evenings and weekends free. my last job was recently working in a nursing home for over 7 yrs.

Should I go to LPN school…advise please?

I’m 22 years old, 23 in august. I’m having quite a hard time deciding if I should do a 12 month LPN starting in september. I don’t have any other degree as of now but my whole plan was to get a feel for nursing by becoming an LPN first, then continuing on to RN/BSN […]

has anyone gotten a degree online like lpn or social work?

i want to go back to school but i want to do it online. I would like to also know if they finished and got a job after finishing the online course. Is it expensive and how would going as an lpn work. How would you do your clinical settings. I’m live in alabama and […]