Can I sue webster university?r=1223661600?

I was 18 and just got my GED. English was not my first langauage so I left high school to study and get my GED. I thought I was worth nothing and ran into a Webster University ad (somewhere Florida). I went there to discuss what I might want to do. I told the guy […]

I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, i would like to become a nurse now (RN)?

I been looking online for any schools that would offer the RN program or even LPN but i haven’t been lucky, can anyone let me know if there’s any online schools, or if there’s any special program for people with a degree that i want to become an RN. Thanks! I live in Florida and […]

Nursing schools in and around the Orlando, FL area.?

My fiancee is currently enrolled in Keiser University here in South Florida. She is seeking their degree, Associate of Science in Nursing, which will allow her to sit for the state exam to receive her RN designation. We are fed-up with the rat race of South Florida and we are moving to the outskirts of […]

SO I will be starting at Keiser for LPN program just got my books does anyone know if we take them all with us?

FLORIDA PEOPLE I mean do we take them all on the first day are there any that stay at home or do we have to carry them all? I just can’t fit anything in there if all we carry in there are books. I don’t know which books I should take or if I should […]

Associates Degree looking to get a BSN?

I currently have a general Associates Degree with a focus on nursing… basically meaning that I have an A.A. and have taken all the A&P, Biology, and Chemistry classes that are normally prerequisites for most nursing programs. I’ve been looking online at nursing schools, and all I can seem to find are RN to BSN […]

LPN essay entrance test?

Im about to take the essay to get into the lpn program. Im wondering if you guy/girls would know what it would it be of? I forgot how many words it was. Im worried ill do bad. I passed the teas without studying but my essay skill go so far. I can score a 3.0 […]

what is an easy way to become a midwife?

I want to become a midwife and I’m not sure which way I should go.I am attending a LPN program in Florida now but should I go ahead and become a certified nurse midwife which would be about 7 years from now or go ahead and become a direct midwife which i would prefer to […]