Help I Just started my first lpn job at a nursing home?

I have been in er as a emt for 7 years. I have 34 patients at the nursing home. It that normal? I hate it. It is extremely overwhelming. I am thinking about quiting lpn job and I go back to rn school in summer. What shall I do? I paid 29 thousand to be […]

Can I take the LPN exam, if I fail the nursing program?

I am currently in a nursing program to become a registered nurse (associate degree program). However, second semester is really hard, and I am afraid I am not going to pass. Is it possible to take the LPN NCLEX exam, if I fail second semester of the nursing program? And how would I go about […]

I am looking for community colleges, nursing schools, or University’s with RN or LPN programs near Tampa?

Any ideas for online nursing schools??

Anyone know of any online nursing schools for LPN or RN.. either bachelors or associates or just RN or LPN certifications. Its been a hell of a time trying to find a school to get into… Alot of the nursing schools of waiting lists of about 2 years. Please help !!!

Which nursing degree do I need if I already have a BA?

I am thinking about going back to school to be a RN. I currently have a BA in Communications. So, what degree would I have to get? LPN, BSN??? Whats the big differences, and with either of these, can I take the RN test?

Retaking prerequisite classes for nursing LPN?

I live in New York and here I am trying to get into a nursing program. I already took all prerequisite classes for applying LPN. And my grade were: SCB 203 = A- MAT 106 = B ENG 101 = B+ SSY 240 = B- My question is, is it possible to retake a class […]

Do you have to go to nursing school to go become an LPN?

I want to go for 2 year nursing.. Do I have to go to a nursing school? or can I just finish my prereques and become an LPN? Can you tell me more about it ? thnks!