Was It Hard For You To Get Into Practical Nursing (lpn) School?

The amount of difficulty differs from state to state. Having said that, it is not easy in any state. They all have, as well as I know, entrance exams and you must come within a certain percentile. I went to nursing school many years ago but I would think things have not changed. If you […]

I’m In Nursing School And I’m Going To Take An Nclex-pn Exam. Is It Ok To Study From An Nclex-rn Book?

Or should I purchase an NCLEX-PN book? How NCLEX-PN differs from NCLEX-RN and how should I study for it?

What are some good nursing schools that I could get my RN and BSN degree at?

At the high school I’m attending I am this year taking their nursing program which in when I graduate I will have my LPN license, so I am planning to go on to college tp get both of these degrees… I live in chattanooga, t.n. but i am ok wiht going to college outside of […]

Where can I take a LPN exam test coz I have completed 2 & 1/2 years in nursing course overseas.Am i qualifyd?

cause im planning to work as an LPN and take couses here in the States to pursue my nursing degree in Nursing at the same time.

I have a BA degree in sociology.I’m interested in nursing.Should I go for LPN or try an accelerated ASN degree?

Each program is about a year after prereqs. I will be an RN if I complete the accelerated ASN program. Should I be an LPN first or can i be a good RN w/o the prior nursing experience.

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Any LPN’s out there that can tell me what your nursing classes were like?

I hear RN nursing school is VERY demanding, they try to break you down, you spend from 8am-7pm everyday in class, clinicals and you feel like you want to give up because its so challenging. However, I am on a long waiting list for RN school, so I have enrolled myself in LPN school in […]