How Do I Apply For The Nclex-lpn Exam? I Already Have An Account On Pearsonvue For Rn. Do I Just Pay For It?

You have to submit an application to Boards of LVN and Psychiatry technician because the two have different boards (in California).

Did Anyone Pass The Pn Nclex With The Maximum Number 205 Questions?

I just took my PN NCLEX yesterday with the maximum number 205 questions. Have you passed with the maximum number? How long did it take for you to receive your results. I am a nervous wreck right now waiting on my results.

Nclex-pn Test Can You Take The Test Without Being In The Class?

I was wondering do you have to take a class to take the nclex pn test or can yo Challenge the test with out taking the class?

Nclex-rn Passer Wants To Be An Lpn First, Is It Possible?

Even though i passed NCLEX-RN, do i need to pass NCLEX-PN too if i want to be an LPN first? I want to work my way up the ladder first, from LPN to RN. I’m educated outside the US by the way and a fresh graduate too. So i’m really not confident with the ways […]

What Is The Best Book To Study For The Lpn And Rn Nclex?

I just passed RN boards. The best book I can recommend to you is to buy Saunders Q & A.

Good Lpn Nclex Review Book To Use?

Hello! I am looking for other nursing students and/or nurses out there who can recommend a good LPN NCLEX review book. Thanks!

What Are The Bare Minimun Requirements To Take The Nclex-lpn Exam?

do yo need to graduate from a nursing course or program, or can you challang the test on your own, without formal education?