I’m looking to become an LPN to help pay my way through college. I was wondering if there is any way to study for the LPN online? Is it credible? Anyone have any experience?

Nursing CNA Classes……?

My Fiancee, just finished his CNA in nursing and now needs to complete his Pre. Req classes to get into an LPN or RN course. Specifically “Basic Sciology” “Fundamental Mathmatics” and “English 2″ These courses for his school are full, is there anyway he might be able to take them online and transfer the credits? […]

17 and would like to be a nurse?

Hi I am 17 yrs old I have my HS Diploma and would love to become a nurse. I have no degree and no college credits at the moment. I was wondering if there were online schools that would let me become a nurse. I havent been able to find any because all the programs […]

What career I can work in based on my stats?

I am a middle aged grandmother…and I have some health problems that make it virtually impossible to work outside of my home. (But if you have any ideas – please assist) Are there any careers that I could do at home preferably in the medical field? My dream was always to be a nurse but […]

should i go for the RN or BSN? What is the difference? HELP!?

i am really confused. I am a nursing student who will have completed my LVN/LPN associates in nursing and liberal arts in may of 2008. But I was planning on going on to get my RN, but then I am hearing about a BSN, so here is my question. SHould I bypass the RN and […]

RN Diploma?

Hi, I’m a 20 yr old student who wants to switch my career path. I looked online and saw that HolyName School of Nursing is affiliated with the hospital and they offer a RN diploma program and a LPN diploma program. Now with the RN program. 57 credits can transfer over but the LPN cannot. […]

Does anyone know of a way for a LPN to make money online?

I am a Licensed Practical nurse and just had a baby. I am looking for anyone that might know of any sites that hire LPN as experts. If anyone knows of any ways for a nurse to make money online please let me know