Want to be lpn. Where do I start?

I have been out of school for 6 years. All I have is a hs deploma. I want to become a nurse. I have no idea what i need to do or where to start. i cannot afford to quit my job and need to take online courses. Can you help me off in teh […]

Need Help From RNs and LPNs Please!! Online Interview for Comp class….?

I am writing paper for Compostion II about writing and how it is involved in the profession I am entering, which is nursing. If you are an RN or LPN, could you please answer the following questions and email them to me. Thank you!! jaimiek50@yahoo.com Q- What kind of writing do you do on a […]

how hard is the NET nursing entrance test??

I want to become an LPN this is the test I have to take to get accepted. How hard is it? Any advices what are the things that I really need to know specially math. thanks and online, where can I FIND some examples of the test?

is there any websites i can go to for free to practice for the LPN entrance exam ?

is there any websites i can go to for free to practice for the LPN entrance exam ? im looking forward to take the LPN exam soon , but i want to do some practice online i will be going to the library to see if they carry books i can practice in also by […]

Nursing School…can anyone give me information?

my husband is deploying and i plan on going to an online school so i can have a full time job also. When he gets home we are moving and i will have to transfer credits, which degree would be the easiest to do this in. and also, if i am taking courses for a […]

Need GPA score for LVN/LPN to Assosiate Degree in nursing online?

Grad 1977 Whaton Co. Jr. Collge of Vocational nursing. The old school in Wharton, Tx. Last name Nutt. Would like to know how to replace my school pin and get photo of clas of 77

Can somebody please help me with a nursing issue?

I have wanted to become a CNA but now thinking about RN or LPN. But I have financial issues. I know with most nursing homes you can take free CNA classes but what if you don’t want to work at a nursing home what are you to do? i have tried filling out apps for […]