which one of these jobs get paid more money can you give me the actually hourly pay or salary?

Hemodialysis Technician ,Practical Nursing or Optometric Assisting when i checked payscale it said hemodialysis technican an the LPN get paid about the same but idk can you guys help me an do you happend to know if the air force have Hemodialysis technicans ?

What Kind Of Salary Can I Expect As An Lpn?

I currently work as a server at a steak house, and am trying to get back into school. Eventually I want to be an RN. A local college has a year long LPN to RN program that would be perfect if I can make ends meet on an LPN salary for a year or so. […]

Any RNs and/or LPNs around here?

I need help from any RN or LPN who can help me. I am doing a research paper on nurses. Really i’m doing it on the difference between RNs and LPNs like salary, jobs, etc. Well I need a interview with a RN or LPN whoever would like to help. My professor said that we […]

What is the base salary for licensed practical nurses?

I’m thinking about going to LPN school in Jax, Florida. I’m just curious what type of salary to expect afterwards. Thanks!

LPN and assistant salary questions?

I was thinking about becoming an LPN. The only thing is i dont think i’ll do too well at giving IV’s. What place (nursing homes, home health care, etc) does less IV’s? Also how much do dental assistants, medical assistants, pharmacy tecnicians, and medical transcriptions make a hour? Im either going to go for LPN […]

Help With Deciding Career ?

Between a LPN ( Licensed Practical Nurse ) and OTA ( Occupational Therapist Assistant ) i have trouble deciding which career i should do and i like both. But on the other hand Which makes better money ? what are salaries for both careers ?

Can I Live A Comfortable Lifestyle On A Licensed Practical Nurse Salary?

im currently in indianapolis, in. but after im done with school, i plan on moving to either florida or california…im not sure which one to move to and im not even sure if i will be making enough to live in either of these places.