Help With Deciding Career ?

Between a LPN ( Licensed Practical Nurse ) and OTA ( Occupational Therapist Assistant ) i have trouble deciding which career i should do and i like both. But on the other hand Which makes better money ? what are salaries for both careers ?

Can I Live A Comfortable Lifestyle On A Licensed Practical Nurse Salary?

im currently in indianapolis, in. but after im done with school, i plan on moving to either florida or california…im not sure which one to move to and im not even sure if i will be making enough to live in either of these places.

LPN or RN?

I’m looking to get out of the job I have now, which I hate (medical transcription). …..I’ve always wanted to be a nurse, and I have thought about becoming an LPN. However, I’ve had people tell me to go ahead and get the RN. I’m so confused…..what’s the difference, rather than the salary? I know […]

Medical Assistant Salary VS L.P.N Salary?

Any medical assistants or lpns that can share their salary, I’m trying to decide which direction to go in. Ultimately I want to become a nurse but I want to have a med assistant certificate/lpn certificate first. I don’t want links just a general average of how much the MA’s and LPN’s make. Thank You

What Is An Lpn Yearly Salary In Canada?

i’m in grade 11 and would like to be an lpn i would also like to work my way up to an rn latter down the road. also i was wondering what courses i should take in high school so i make it into the course. as well this may sound dome but is a […]

Do you believe RNs should get the same salary as LPNs?

In December of 2003, I started working as an LPN (staff nurse) for a retirement center. In 2007, I received my RN and continued to work at the same retirement center. I was given a .00 increase in pay, going from LPN to RN status. I complained about the poor increased in pay and the […]

School for LPN or RN in Nursing? What shall I choose??

I want to take nursing classes, but I’m wondering: Should I go for the LPN certificate program or an A.S. in nursing (leading to the RN license)? I have a BA already, but I’m torn whether to become a nurse as quickly as I can or go further in school. Either way, I’d want to […]