What other jobs can an LPN do besides working in a nursing home?

This is the only experience I have as a nurse, but I really want to do something else.

Can A Lpn Work In The Radiology Department?

I was wondering if they allow LPNs in the radiology department to work? And if they do allow this could they train the LPN to become an Radiology Tech?

Should I work as lpn, then finish my B.S. for nursing?

Im 22 and in my first year of college. I’ll be done with my prerequisites for nursing when im 24. Im starting with my basics so after done with that, I can transfer my credits to get my bachelor’s in nursing. But money is an issue for me. Im a single mom with a 2 […]

Is it better to work a FT job or an agency (nursing)?

This question is directed towards nurses..RN’s and LPN’s

Would you rather work as a LPN(Licensed Practical Nurse) or work at McDonalds?

As a nurse specifically an LPN would you have to retake any tests to do the same and work in Canada?

How to pay for college? Also will i be able to work as an LPN while trying become an RN?

Mom doesnt work, dad isnt alive. I know i cant dorm, it’s an extra 11000 i dont have. I REALLY don’t wanna stay home but i will have too. How can i pay for college though? I plan to attend rutgers camden, next fall. I know I must find a job while attending and while […]