Question About The Navy Reserve?

I am going into the navy reserves as a e-3 thanks to ROTC. I am signing a 6 year contract for MA. I know that it is difficult to go to C school right after A school but do you need to normally be a E-5 before going to C school? Also while in the […]

I Am A Military Spouse And Need Help Finding The Right School To Become A Nurse, What Program Do I Need?

Okay I have tried to search this on my own since before I even graduated but none of it makes since, I want to eventually become a Registered nurse, not an LPN but don’t really know how to start. What exactly do I need to be looking for all the colleges I have looked at […]

I Am Currently A Us Navy Corpsman, Could That Help Me Get Into The Peace Corps?

Hello everyone, So i am currently serving int he US Navy as a Corpsman. I will soon be going to Field Medical School then deploying with the Marines to either Iraq or Afghanistan. I did join in order that i might fight, not because i am some guy who just enjoys the thrill or wants […]

Paramedic/LPN courses OnLine?

I have the very best previous training in the world. US Navy 30 yrs., Hospital Corps (IDC),Registered Medical Assistant at present. I’m 68 yrs., at the same time I want to return to gainful employment in any capacity attributed to my experience. And I feel the above professions are the best way. Please…your best info!!!! […]

But I am licensed in VA…..?

Hi. I am currently an LPN (4th year) who is presently in the beginning stages (taking pre-reqs) toward my RN. I know I need to get into a nursing program preferably before my 6 year mark is up, BUT an obstacle has come into play. My husband orders will be up in Feb. He cant […]

should he get out?

my husband is a electrician mate in the navy. he wants to end his svc (re-enlistment comes in Feb of ’08) he doesnt have a degree yet or his electrician certificate. he is about to go out on deployment starting may 18th and he wont return until Nov. I am afraid for him to get […]

Can A Navy Hospital Corpsman (hmcm) Retired Challenge The Ohio State Board Of Nursing Lpn Examination?

I have recently graduated from Medical Assisting (900) hrs. What is the difference between MA and LPN? Independent duty Hospital Corpsman and Fleet Marine Force Field Medical Service Technician.