What Is The Mission Statement Of North Dakota State University?

It is a college in North Dakota.

How Come Celebrities Aren’t Organizing Benefits To Help The People Of North Dakota That Are Flooding?

Why did they help the people in New Orleans yet they are not doing anything to try to help the people in North Dakota? Is it cause the North Dakotans aren’t crying for help? Oh and did any one notice the North Dakotans aren’t ignoring the evacuation orders. Oh yeah and no one in North […]

North Dakota?

what are some fun and exciting things to do in north dakota?

Why Is Unleaded Plus Cheaper Than Regular Unleaded In North Dakota And South Dakota?

I’m traveling cross country right now and I’ve noticed that in North Dakota and South Dakota, the unleaded plus gasoline is the cheapest and unleaded regular is more expensive. Why is this? This seems so strange and counterintuitive to me. In every other state I’ve ever been to, unleaded regular is the cheapest and unleaded […]

How Will North Dakota Enforce A Misdemeanor Conviction Sentence On A California Resident?

My partner plead guilty to a misdemeanor marijuana paraphernalia possession charge in North Dakota recently. Being a California resident, he returned home after the trial. Now, here in California, he has a legal medical cannabis recommendation, but the judge chose to ignore that fact and sentenced him to a drug test as well as a […]

Is North Dakota A Good Place For A Family With Young Children?

My husband and I are thinking of relocating to North Dakota? Does anyone know if it is as safe as some say. We are currently living in San Antonio, TX and the crime is getting worse. We have a son and a child on the way.