Going to Herzing Business College for a 1 yr program?

I live in Wisconsin. I am not interested at all in obtaining a RN. However.. I read that some Herzing graduates have filed a law suit because they expected the school to become accredited prior to them graduating. Some claimed..that certain hospitals would not hire them.. because of the school they attended. But.. they were […]

I Have A Wisconsin Lpn Nursing License I Moved To North Carolina Can I Still Use My Wisconsin Nursing License?

Yes, Wisconsin is a compact state and so is North Carolina. Compact states recognizes nursing licenses from other states, and you don’t have to apply for a license in a compact state. Provided your license does not have any restrictions or disciplinary actions, it is valid in NC.

i need some parent advice please???

this is a long one, so bear with me… ok i am 17 yrs old and my parents r divorced…ive always lived with my mom in iowa and my dad lives in wisconsin. well i am going to graduate highschool here in a year and i am thinking about moving in with my dad..i want […]

How Much Money Does An Lpn Get Paid An Hour In Milwaukee Wisconsin?

and what do they do. what is involved in being an LPN. Do you have draw blood. Do you work behind the counter sometimes? how many years do you have to be in college for to be an LPN?

Does anyone have information on being a medical transcriptionist?

I am currently an LPN in Wisconsin, who is hoping to find a job that I can work at home so I can be home with my kids. I am interested in working at home and was wondering if anyone has any input? Possibly online programs? Employers? Pay wage? Any other helpful information would be […]

Lvn Training At 48.?

I have a strong desire to attend schooling to become a LPN and perhaps a RN. Any suggestions of great schools to attend in the Fox Valley, Wisconsin. The average income for an LVN, is? Are older students welcomed into nursing programs?