LPN’s..RN’s..Nursing Question!?

Im a senior in high school and am going to Trocaire college in august for nusing. Im doing the LPN first, then continuing my education to become an RN. But ive heard from a couple of people nursing is horrible and I should pick a differnent career.

How bad is nursing really?

What Do Lpns do?

Do they really wipe old peoples asses. And will I have to draw blooood? ew.

Anything about nursing would be very helpful (:

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  1. kourtnie h says:

    all nurses,lpn’s or rn’s,will wipe butts.someone will do it for u someday,incedentally.only rn’s can draw blood in most u.s states.u will also empty blood drains and give enemas.i was in nursing for awhile.never again.i didnt have the stomach to handle it,but i admire those who do.also,i got depressed when patients died.my advice-if u think u cant handle it,choose another career.i did,and i am sooooo much happier.but god bless medical people,its a hard job,and i think they are so strong and caring to do it!

  2. blueiron511 says:

    It’s important to be honest why your going into nursing. Yes, in nursing school and to some degree there after, you will have to deal with blood, feces, mucus, and just about every other human issue. However, in the process your helping a person get back to health, face a new reality, or even comfort them as they die. Basically, you need to have something in your character that cares about people since this puts these situations in perspective.

    There are also many positions in nursing that minimize these kinds of work experiences. However, to be a good nurse you need to be willing and able to pay your dues upfront. Few employers will give you an office, and expense account and a fat salary if you haven’t earned it.

    Good luck and I hope you find what your looking for

  3. You can always get a job in a doctors office, not a hospital or nursing home. At an office you will do the takeing blood pressure & put people in rooms, maybe take temps or some paperwork! Good luck!