Nurses! When you were a LPN getting your RN, where did you work? I have a 2 yo and must be home to pick him up

by 5:45 and home at night. I don’t have a weekend babysitter. Any ideas would be appreicated.
I can’t go to nursing school and work during the day. How did you go to classes with a day job??

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  1. I work 8 to 5. Pick up my son by 5:30. I don’t work nights and weekends. When my son sleeps, I study for my RN boards. So yes, it can be done. It just needs time organization and lots of sacrifices.

  2. gimeabrak2000 says:

    look for a job with a physican
    dr’s office usually are mon-friday 9-5

  3. mrs. robinson says:

    Work part-time in primary care. I am an LPN and currently a college student. I work in a homeless clinic that is only open on Tues and Fri for 4 hours each day.