Nursing Job?

How do i go about getting a job as an LPN nurse. anyone know of hospitals offering jobs to foriegn nurses.. help

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  1. elizabeth says:

    your best bet would be a long term care facility.Many have rehab floors now with surgical patients.Make sure you take your license,social security card and drivers license with you

  2. to whom it may confide says:

    if youve already got the certification and are from and trying to get a job in america then all you have to do is apply for a job , but if your from another country but have the certification then you have to take the lpn test again and then you can apply . any hospital will hire you as long as you can come up with the certification and actually get there , there are also things such as travelling nurses , where they pay your way and stay so that you can work in their hospital and you can leave after about 8 weeks of that one place , its a good thing to look into. all of these you must have certification that you graduated from college as an lpn otherwise youve got to do the whole 4-6 years to get the certification.