Nursing Programs in washington?

What exactly do i need to take to become an LPN? Im located in Washington State, basically i just want to become and LPN and wanted to know how long it takes, what i need to take? Well if you have any information that could help me out that would be wonderful, how did you become an lpn if you are one, and how long did it take, and can i find nursing work while still attending college?

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  1. LPN programs are typically offered at technical / vocational colleges and some community colleges. Most of the time the program is about 12 months in length, and in most cases you earn a diploma or certificate but not a degree, although a handfull of community colleges offer an Assoc. Degree (LPN). You don’t pick and choose courses, it’s a full program, each school would be able to tell you exactly what courses and in what sequence they need to be taken. You have to be accepted to the program through a separate application process, you can’t just enroll in the courses on your own.

    You can’t work as a nurse if you are not licensed. Many nursing students earn their CNA license and can work in that capacity or as a patient care tech or something similar, but your student status will not be of any significant advantage as you can’t perform those skills until licensed.