Nursing question: CNA to LPN ONLINE programs?

Does anyone know if there is any CNA to LPN online programs? I am aware that clinicals would have to happen in person. Thanks

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  1. There are classes to take these. I think Rio Salado has a program.

  2. Here are some links to help you out (you might also want to specify a search by putting in ‘CNA to LPN online programs in CA’ (or whatever state you reside in.)

  3. Common Sense says:

    No decent ones. Don’t be lazy…do it right and you have a much better chance of getting a job.

  4. LPN school requires actual classroom hours-most being taught by an RN.

  5. There is not really a bridge program from CNA to LPN, but you can apply to nursing school when you are a CNA. Online schools are generally a scam.Go to a real school so you can get a nursing license. You need to be present for more than clinicals.Nursing school involves a lot of hands on learning and you have to do that at school before heading to clinical placements.